Are You Ready To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone?

 Why would you want to?

After all it’s not called ‘comfort’ for nothing. Why risk discomfort by choice?

Well, the answer lies in your interest and willingness to explore new aspects of your personality and your potential.

Nothing new happens in the safety and predictability of a comfort zone. Opportunities for personal growth entail stepping, striding or even leaping outside this self-imposed boundary.

Why would anyone impose boundaries upon their life?

Fear is the usual cause. Fear of failure, embarrassment or loss… and fear of the unknown.

You could instead choose to get to know and understand your fears; allow yourself to feel and move beyond them; and to free yourself up to new experiences, knowing that you can conquer any fear. You are in charge of your own emotions and your own life!

We are conditioned as children to fear threats to our well-being – and rightly so. But more than that we’ve also been conditioned by parents, peers, teachers, society and governments to fear much of life itself!

Threats to our survival do exist all around us but the impact these have upon us is determined by our view of the world, our expectations, our courage and our resilience. Courage and resilience can be developed the more we extend our comfort zone!

We can’t avoid threats by hiding away – and paradoxically this kind of ‘safe’ living brings threats of its own. We can stagnate, and thwart our own ‘potential’, and not achieve or enjoy the richness the world has to offer.

Yes, there are more threats outside than in – but you’ll never know just how much you’re capable of overcoming unless you try.

That might involve forming new relationships, hobbies, new conversations with old friends or family members, new business ideas and plans… and hopefully something that fires up your body with adrenaline and excitement!

What else would you rather do than chose to live your life to the full – no matter what your physical limitations might currently be.

Choose your discomfort zone and see where it takes you!

Maxine Harley (MSc Psychotherapy) MIND HEALER & MENTOR


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