Therapeutic Self-development Coaching & Mentoring

– either online or intensive in-person therapeutic retreats


Are you curious about why you behave as you do – and why you sometimes get in your own way, and mess things up for yourself?

Maybe you are a people-pleaser, a perfectionist, a procrastinator or an over-thinker who ties herself up in knots trying to get things ‘right’, and who tries so hard to avoid feeling like a ‘failure’.

Do you go from one crisis to another in your home or working life, without finding out why you do this – let alone how to change that pattern, or to find some stable peace of mind, contentment and success in your life?

Perhaps you’re a successful professional woman, able to excel when you have a ‘role’ to perform and a persona to keep up – yet you still feel empty and a fraud/imposter, dreading the shame of being challenged or exposed.

Do you find that you can have good relationships at work, yet struggle with your personal and family relationships?

Do you avoid spending time alone, or keep yourself very busy and distracted from knowing and feeling the ‘real’ you?


Our therapy, coaching and mentoring sessions will help you to understand and manage your emotions, boundaries and behaviours, and stop the past from interfering with your future – both in your personal and working life.


1. We can arrange to meet once or twice a week – online using Skype or Zoom.

2. Or to save you time, we can work in person at an Intensive Therapeutic Retreat – if located in central Chichester or within a 10 mile radius 

Please contact me to discuss the possibility of a having an intensive 15 hours with me over 9 visits to you during a therapeutic retreat in my local area of Chichester in West Sussex. You will be responsible for arranging your own accommodation and food during your stay. This retreat could be for one long stay of 10 days, or broken down into three lots of three days/weekends, or two breaks of three days/nights and then a further six day/7 night stay – depending upon your arrival and departure times.


My fees are £100 per hour

(plus my additional travelling costs if we meet in person)


We will first have an initial ‘assessment’ to get a clear overview of your difficulties, and their origin and effects upon your life.

The average number of sessions is between 12-15 (hours) – but some clients want to work for only 6 sessions on a specific issue without going deeper. We can do either to suit you, and we’ll discuss that at the outset when we have our (free) 15 minute ‘clarity call’.

The first 6 sessions will help you with your immediate problem(s), and bring you more self-awareness, understanding and coping skills for the future.

If we work for 12 sessions or more, we will then have the time to go much deeper to include your sub-personalities and inner child healing – to bring you long-lasting inner change.

My focused and pragmatic therapeutic mentoring is structured to meet your individual needs – which can also include improving your role as business owner, or your relationship or parenting problems.


Please either e-mail me at


Let’s have a no-obligation chat and find out how I can best help you


Book in your free Clarity Call with me HERE  


“I had already tried several ways to get help for my binge eating, bad body image, self-doubt and self-criticism before I found you.Thank you for working with me to help me connect with and heal the relationship with my inner child. I found our sessions supportive, useful, and a very direct way to get to the core issue of things that have been holding me back. Thank you for tailoring the sessions to meet my exact needs and your expertise and warm manner made it enjoyable too!(Alice F) 


Self-development mentoring is also useful and relevant to you in a more specialised way – to help you as a business owner/manager, or as an executive employee, or in your high-profile public status. You can find out more here – 

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