Transformational Executive Mentoring & Coaching – delivering perceptual, emotional, cognitive and behavioural change.


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Maxine Harley Mind Healer & Mentor

Maxine Harley
MSc Psychotherapy

 ‘MINDING THE GAP’ – what gap?

  • A phased return to work following an assault, accident or other trauma; or following physical or psychological ill-health, stress or burnout
  • The chasm felt upon return to work – following maternity leave, compassionate leave, suspension (or other disciplinary process)
  • The demands of stepping up to a new promotion, rank and responsibilities – and feelings of self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, under achievement and performance concerns 
  • The interpersonal confidence and skills to effectively lead and relate with your team and bring out the best in them 


How can the gaps be filled? 


Maxine Harley Transformational Executive Mentor

Transformational Executive Mentoring For Women

  • Objective self-appraisal and enhanced self-awareness
  • Mind and body re-balancing
  • Supporting emotional intelligence 
  • Updating inter-personal and intra-personal skills
  • Increasing mental resilience and emotional robustness
  • Reliable self-confidence 
  • Self motivation, self-supporting beliefs and effective strategies
  • Developing optimism, purpose and meaning



How Will This Transformation Be Delivered?

1. One hour sessions – each one will focus upon one of the specific topics above

2. Optional extended programme of mentoring support tailored to meet individual performance and personal needs, and offering unlimited support and guidance for the agreed duration of the programme, via Skype or Zoom online calls.


Maxine Harley, Mind Healer & Mentor, Transformational Executive Mentoring for women


We will meet online – to discuss and clarify the desired outcomes.

I can also offer you in-person intensive work – if you arrange your own local ‘retreat’ accommodation in or close to Chichester UK.

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I firmly believe that personal development is THE best route to professional development

We are only ever as good as our state of mind.


The process of transformation is underpinned by my own system called S.E.L.E.C.T. Your Life‘ (c) :-


Self awareness


Learning new skills

Emotional intelligence & balance

Control & clarity



Please contact me to discuss how I can help you, your colleague and your team to ‘fill the gaps’ – and to become happier and more effective.


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READ HERE – Why CEOs Don’t Want Executive Coaching (it’s because they want and need more therapeutic depth to access and enhance their self-awareness – which my own style of mentoring and coaching includes.)


I am an accomplished psychologist, psychotherapist, self-development mentor and coach with over 20 years of experience.

I facilitate cognitive, perceptual, emotional and behavioural change.

Executive Level Coaching and Mentoring