Minding Your Business – working on the YOU in YOUr business

Available either as a Mentoring & Mastermind Group for 4 women – or as one-to-one sessions with me.


Please note – the *Minding Your Business Group as now been changed to 8 weeks of two hours each meeting, followed by 10 monthly meetings of 2 hours. It’s still 36 hours but now spread over one year – to give you extended benefits from the MYB online and in-person groups.

* not suitable for MLM/Network marketers or franchisees 


Did you know that 80% of your business success is due to your own psychology?


You and your business can only ever be as good as your state of mind!


Let’s have a no-obligation chat to see how Minding Your Business groups, or one-to-one with me, will take YOUR business to a much higher level.


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Mastermind and Mentoring for business women - with Maxine Harley (MSc)

In the ONE-TO-ONE SESSIONS – we will have our Skype or Zoom online sessions as and when you want them – on a pay-as-you go basis. (£97 per hour)


We can focus in more depth upon the other aspects of your life that are taking up your time, energy and head-space – such as your relationship, your children, your parents – and anything else that is getting in your way and tripping you up!


The first call will ideally be for two hours – or at least one hour – so that we can get started and create a clear overview to prioritise the focus of any further sessions.




Business mentoring and mastermind with Maxine Harley (MSc)

In the GROUP PROGRAMME – We will meet either online via Skype or Zoom weekly for 8 weeks – then once a month for 10 months.

There is also an in-person MYB group option available in central Chichester, West Sussex, UK

The whole programme will take 12 months – with the option for the group to continue to meet monthly after that.

I want you to get results ASAP – which is why we meet weekly to begin with. We can all really get to know you and your businesses, and the challenges and obstacles you’ve been facing – so that we can help you to create a better way forwards.

There is also hte option of having additional one-to-one calls with me if desired.


In our MINDING YOUR BUSINESS mentoring and mastermind sessions you’ll get help with:-

  • Focus and clarity – about what needs doing and when; and the way forward for your business
  • Motivation and commitment – to keep taking those small steps that will take you to where you want to be – in spite of those self-sabotaging inner voices that try to persuade you otherwise!
  • Self-doubt and fear – whether that’s to do with your marketing and selling your services/products, or your fear of failure – or even of success and overwhelm
  • Tendency to put things off – lacking priority, or wasting time on things that don’t move you and your business forwards.
  • Business structure and model – is it the right one for you?

You will feel empowered to step up and stand out – and to give your business the energy and brain-power boost it needs to take it to a higher level!


As we progress we can also include any help you might need with these vital aspects of your growing business: –

  • Branding – and what you MUST include
  • Your plans and strategy for success
  • Yourthing’ – the problems you solve, and how
  • Your product/services ‘buffet
  • Your role as figurehead and leader – and how to have a loyal team around you
  • Customer and client attractionmarketing methods and sales conversations
  • Money management and knowing your numbers

You will also receive a FREE download of my e-course How To Sort Out Your Business Brain – without coaching! (usual price £37) this will give you a great head start and plenty of information, advice and guidance – whether you’re new to business and or not.

You can find out more about your FREE e-course here. I’ll send your e-course by e-mail attachment, after we’ve spoken over the ‘phone or Skype – to ensure that this mentoring and mind-mastery group is right for you, and you have committed to attend.

You can also have this online course for free if you have committed to having at least three hour-long one-to-one Skype calls with me.


Is your business growth and success worth this investment of your time and money?

Are you ready and prepared to really focus upon making your business a success?


If so, please do book in your FREE Clarity Call with me, and we can  have a no-obligation chat to ensure that these Minding Your Business sessions will be a good fit for you, your business, and the changes you want to achieve.

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Find out how much more the MINDING YOUR BUSINESS Mentoring & Mastermind Groups, and one-to-one sessions will help you and your business – by clicking on these images:


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