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 Minding Your Business  - self development mentoring with Maxine Harley


 You are THE most valuable asset to your business and your family…

you are only ever as good as your state of mind!


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In MINDING YOUR BUSINESS we cover the whole 100 %!


I decided to work with Maxine because I not only had business time-management issues, but also problems in my relationship, and with my parents, which were draining my energy and affecting my work. I was working 7 days a week!

I had a remarkable time and I’m delighted to say that after only four Skype calls I not only feel much more clear and in control of my life, but I’ve nearly doubled my monthly income by implementing Maxine’s suggestions for the simple restructuring of my business.

I’ve gone from over-worked, overwhelmed and underpaid to earning more and having weekends! I now have even greater plans ahead which I’ll be getting Maxine’s help and support with” (Dee – from Hertfordshire)


Please book in your FREE Clarity Call with me, and let’s have a no-obligation chat to see how ‘Minding Your Business’ will give you a clear plan to make the changes you want – in both your personal and business life.

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If we agree to work together, the cost of your ‘Minding Your Business’ call is £97 for a full hour online session.


Ideally our first session will be for 2 hours – so that we can make an early impact and have a clear overview of priorities for any further calls.

Later calls are £97 per hour – or £50 for half an hour –

on a Pay-As-You-Go basis


You can also work with me IN PERSON

for a TWO HOUR session(s) or for a ONE DAY INTENSIVE 

My fees are £100 an hour plus travel expenses – and additional costs to cover room hire if necessary (home/office visits to you are available depending upon your location)


If you’d like to ask me anything before arranging your free call, you can

e-mail me at – maxine@maxineharley.com


You know how it is – sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees!

You’ve got 101 things to juggle and maybe you’re struggling to fit everything in AND make the time needed to really grow your business. You’ve got big decisions to make and you’re probably working alone trying to deal with everything all by yourself.

Maybe you’re even doubting yourself and whether you CAN make a success of your business. Starting a business was a big step for you – and you REALLY want and need to make it work.

Your own ‘old stuff’ (we’ve all got some of that!) is also blocking your progress.

It’s like having several computer programmes (or ‘phone apps) going on in the background of your mind – slowing you down and draining your energy!

It can become overwhelming and exhausting – and then everything suffers… your family, your relationship, your business and maybe even your health!

If you’ve ever felt this way you’ll know what a relief it would be to have somewhere private to take this stuff, and to stop it from affecting you, your business success – as well as the time spent with your family and friends.

Taking the time and responsibility for your own personal development now will reap rewards well into the future.


  • maxine-harley-business mentoring-one-on-oneSelf-awareness and self-development are the foundations for a happier more rewarding and effective live.
  • Did you know that many of the most successful and wealthy business owners have regular therapeutic mentoring to keep them ahead of their game?
  • They know the power of the mind to create their future and so they invest in themselves and ensure their success.

Perhaps, like many women, you need some help to stop getting in your own way of success!

  • Have you ever looked at what other business owners are achieving and wondered why you can’t seem to do the same?
  • Do you want to take more action in your business but somehow you feel held back?
  • Are you afraid that you’ll never make it in business, and will have to admit defeat, give up and go back to being employed by someone else?
  • Are you seriously interested in clearing away those blocks, having a clearer route to success, and to really boosting your business – and also have things running more smoothly at home to?

I hope you’ll agree that it makes sense to keep yourself on ‘top form‘ – to release those emotional barriers, and to cope more effectively with the ongoing demands of running a business and a home.

If so, please do book in your FREE Clarity Call with me, and we can ensure that these one-to-one sessions will be a good fit for you, your business, and the changes you want to achieve.

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What do previous Minding Your Business clients have to say?

I have left each session feeling empowered

I started the Minding Your Business programme 3 weeks ago, and I am stunned at how quickly the effects have taken hold.

I am a new business owner and Minding Your Business has helped me to get out of my ‘own’ way in my business. Sometimes, without fully being aware of it, we are carrying ‘stuff’ around with us which blocks, blinds and smokescreens us. We think we are the only ones going through this, but how wrong we are! Minding Your Business has made me face things in my own life that I had purposely buried for a number of years in the hope that they would go away – they never do of course.

Maxine keeps the number of delegates down to 4 business women which is perfect as everyone gets a good block of time to go through some of the challenges they’re facing in their business and personal life.

The feel of the group is calm and I have left each session feeling empowered with a list of things I can do to work on myself and my business in the coming week. We also actively help each others businesses.

(Update – after the end of the 8 meetings)… “Sorry I’ve taken a while to get back to you. Minding Your Business was so good for me, my business has just taken off!!”

(Vanessa – P.A Services – Hants)

I've gone on to make further changes

I’m just coming to the end of my first 8-week Minding Your Business course. In the past, I have turned to coaching to support me in my business but the format of the ‘Minding Your Business’ group appealed to me and I wanted to see if this would suit me better. I was looking for the group to provide me with the space and time to focus on my business and gain clarity about the direction I wanted to take it. What I have found most beneficial about the group is that there isn’t a fixed agenda or a ‘one-size fits all’ approach that I’d experienced in coaching. The group allows each person to explore and share their experiences and use this as basis to develop their own ideas and goals. There is also the benefit of listening to others and gaining insight from their experiences.

I came to the group at a time when my business was undergoing changes and I have gone on to make further changes. It has been a benefit to have the group to discuss these changes with and explore my feelings and motivation behind the decisions I’ve taken. When our course ends, I’m looking forward to continuing to meet up and having the ongoing support of Maxine and the other people in the group.

(MS – Book-keeping and Business Support Services – Hampshire)

It's been invaluable to me

I’ve uncovered so much about myself as a result of being part of this group. Speaking from my own experience of MYB, it opened my eyes to so many things about myself that were getting in my way, and I want to continue to find other things that might still be getting in my way – they do impact the way you do business… it’s all been invaluable to me.

What You Will Gain From One-to-one sessions

Help With Your Growing Business – Planning, Marketing and Branding


You can have as many sessions with me as you like – on an ad-hoc basis. The more you have the better your results and business growth! 


I will be your guide and mentor, and enable you to reach down and clear away the emotional and psychological blocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.


You will also receive a FREE download of my e-course How To Sort Out Your Business Brain – without coaching! (usual price £37) this will give you a great head start and plenty of information, advice and guidance – whether you’re new to business or not.

(You can find out more about your FREE e-course here. I’ll send your e-course by e-mail attachment, after we’ve spoken over the ‘phone or Skype – to ensure that these mentoring and mind-mastery sessions are right for you, and you have committed to at least three hourly calls.)


Book in your free ‘phone or Skype call with me now and let’s get you and your business working in harmony.

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Maxine Harley - MSc Psychotherapy

Maxine Harley – MSc Psychotherapy

I’m Maxine Harley, a psychotherapist with a Masters Degree and 20 years experience. I’m also a business woman myself and have learnt an enormous amount about modern day business over the last four years. (Which has cost me several thousands of pounds!)

I know how people tick, how they trip themselves up and block their own progress – and how to change that pattern.

I also write an online column for The Johnson Press Observer group, as well as blogs and articles for women’s magazines and other platforms – including Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post, Mumsnet, Psyche Central, Thrive Global and The Telegraph.

I’ve written two books, and five e-books, and created my own new approaches to psychological, emotional and physical well-being.

Minding Your Business isn’t therapy or coaching – it’s something in between and yet so much more!

Not just the heartfelt emotional stuff or the business ideas and growth – but both!

Think of the positive ‘ripple effect’ this will have on your business – and the rest of your life too!


We can have a FREE ‘phone or Skype call to see if ‘Minding Your Business’ is a good fit for you.

If and when you decide that it is, you can then take it further and arrange as many calls with me as you’d like. You are in control of how many sessions we’ll have.

If you commit to me then I’ll commit to you… and we’ll both commit to helping you to get to where you want to be!


If you’d like to ask me something before we have a chat then you can e-mail me at maxine@maxineharley.com


Many successful professional and business men say that much of their business is carried out at the golf club.

Well ladies – we don’t need to hit little balls with metal sticks whilst wearing funny jumpers for us to do better business! We can have much deeper networking, support, clarity collaboration and accountability over a cup of tea and a biscuit or two! (Nothing wrong with golf by the way – but in the UK climate? Nooo!!)

I’m very much looking forward to speaking with you and hope to help you to take yourself and your business to a much higher level!

Here’s a link to an article that might interest you – it’s about the need for entrepreneurs/business owners to take better care of their psychological and emotional health.


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