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I work with women online as a Mind Healer & Mentor 

Are you curious about the way you behave – and why you sometimes get in your own way, and mess things up for yourself?

Maybe you are a people-pleaser – or a perfectionist who ties herself up in knots trying to get things ‘right’, and who tries so hard to avoid feeling like a ‘failure’.

Do you go from one crisis to another in your home or working life, without finding out why you do this – let alone how to change that pattern, or to find some stable peace of mind and contentment in your life?

Perhaps you’re a successful professional woman, able to excel when you have a ‘role’ to perform and a persona to keep up – yet you still feel empty and a fraud, dreading the shame of being challenged or exposed.

Do you find that you can have good relationships at work, yet struggle with your personal and family relationships?

Do you avoid spending time alone, or keep yourself very busy and distracted from knowing and feeling the ‘real’ you?

If so, I can help!


My fees for working with you online using Skype (if you have it downloaded) or Zoom (and I’ll send you a link to connect with me) are …

£100 for a full hour

£50 for half an hour


These online Skype or Zoom sessions will help you to work through a current problem you have in your personal, home or working life.

We can also work at a deeper level to help you to know and understand yourself much better, and to stop your past from interfering with your future. 


Our sessions are for a minimum of six hours of meetings – to give us time to cover your current problem(s) and for you to gain more awareness, understanding and workable solutions.

To allow us to work at a much deeper personal level (including your sub-personalities and inner child healing) takes between 12-15 sessions.

These can be extended if you also want to further explore aspects of your life such as your work/business, relationship or parenting.

I will facilitate more structure, clarity and focus for you – and sometimes ask you to complete ‘homework’ ahead of the next session, which will save you time and money.


You can arrange a free call NOW with me to see how best I can help you to get your personal and professional life into a state of greater clarity and balance! 

Please see here the terms which you will be agreeing to by booking your call with me

You will need the updated version of Skype downloaded onto your device – otherwise I can set up a Zoom ‘meeting’ for us via and send you the link by e-mail.

Please book in a FREE CLARITY CALL with me first – to have a 15 minute chat prior to our first online session… you can use this link to my booking scheduler to arrange your FREE CALL with me –



 Payment for our online session(s) can then be made either by Paypal or by BACS direct bank transfer – prior to the time of our booked session.

“The work Maxine and I did together was incredibly useful in finding ways to manage the difficult experiences from my childhood that were having a negative impact in my present life – extreme anxiety, panic and tearfulness in relation to my sense of self, self esteem, belonging and romantic relationships. Through previous therapy I could articulate at an intellectual level what was happening but was struggling to manage the feelings. Maxine very quickly created a safe space for me (over Zoom!) where I felt I could be completely honest and explore what was happening. Maxine was able to communicate that she understood exactly how I was feeling which really helped. Through a staged approach Maxine led me deeper into my feelings but with a range of practical and useful tools to help me manage each stage safely. I am using the tools and insight she gave me daily to help be in touch with my inner child and to be the parent to better enjoy life in the present moment. I will also say that on one occasion when I needed a boost due to a particularly difficult experience, Maxine was flexible enough to respond and offer me a session really quickly. In many ways the short but intensive work I did with Maxine has been more useful than my previous eight years of therapy! She is an expert with a big heart and has the ability to understand distress and offer hope for a way out! I am very very grateful for the work we have done together.” (Kellie M)

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