PHYSIS self personal development group for women in Chichester West Sussex UK


Physis the Greek goddess of nature’s energy, balance, order and development.

The name of Physis represents the aims of this self-development group – for six women who are ready to open themselves up to real conversations and genuine connections that bring about personal insight and growth.

A happy life depends upon your state of mind!

Self- awareness and personal development is THE best route to a happier, calmer life – and to your professional development too!

Having worked for 25 years with women, both one-to-one and in small groups – in-person and internationally online – I know the power of the small group to make the biggest impact upon one another’s lives. A small and safe group has the unique power to bring deep and lasting change.

My heart calls out to me to create and facilitate a local in-person women’s group again.

Through the process of my sensitive facilitation of your enhanced self awareness, personal reflections, honest vulnerability, and genuine connections with one another comes real transformation – from the roots up!

There is also the safety of mutually agreed privacy, confidentiality and clear and respectful boundaries within the Physis group.


I have created this special group for only six professional women, and I offer you therapeutic self development mentoring – which has more focus than therapy, and more emotional depth than coaching!


I will meet each member before they are invited into the group – because I know from my own experiences in the past as a group member, how detrimental it can be to the energy of the group if there is even one person who isn’t open to personal reflection and emotionally intimate connections.

To give you more choice and privacy there is no obligation to disclose your surname, employer or business name to the other group members – unless or until you feel comfortable doing so. All members will agree to respect one another’s confidentiality.

To ensure the stability and integrity of the group there is a commitment upon you to attend regularly, and to pay for the group sessions either by monthly direct debits – or the full fees in advance for a 10% discount. (see below)


Maxine Harley business mentoring for womenThe group’s purpose:-

  • To be a safe place to facilitate members’ self awareness, knowledge and development – which are the roots of self empowerment
  • To sustain the health and strength of the roots of our own psychological and energetic ‘tree of life’ – spreading up to nourish the trunk and branches, which reach out into all of our relationships


PHYSIS self personal development mentoring and coaching group for women in Chichester West Sussex UKWhat you will gain from the Physis group :–

  • Making your own self-care a priority!
  • Making peace with the past and releasing its hold over you
  • Gaining a better understanding of yourself, and why you think, feel and behave as you do
  • Improving your relationship with yourself – which has a knock on effect to how you communicate and behave in all of your other relationships, both at home and at work
  • Having the time and space you deserve – to be seen, heard and valued by the group
  • Planning how to make any changes you want and need in your life
  • Finding a broader perspective about your life’s purpose and the difference you want to make 
  • Refusing to allow self-doubt to hold you back
  • Learning from the sharing of other women’s success in overcoming their challenges – which can help you to resolve your own
  • Keeping on track with motivation, support and accountability along the way from your Physis girl-friends



Physis - women's self / personal development group in Chichester, West Sussex UKThe details:-

The Physis group is for a maximum of six women, meeting for two hour sessions spread out over the year.

Cost for each two hour session is £40 – (£20 an hour) payable monthy by direct debit – or full payment in advance – with a 10% discount!



Committment is for a minimum of 6 months (20 sessions) – with the option to extend to 12 months (40 sessions)

Payment for 20 sessions = £134 pcm x 6 – or only £720 if paid in advance (saving £80)

Payment for 40 sessions = £134pcm x 12 – or only £1,440 if paid in advance (saving £160)


We meet in North Pallant – a quiet and discreet central Chichester location – with hot drinks provided for the group members.

Times and dates:  20 sessions, with the option to increase to 40 sessions over the year

Evening group Tuesday for 2 hours from 6pm to 8pm

Daytime group Either in the *morning or afternoon on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

*Please state your preference when registering your interest in the daytime Physis group.


What to do next if you want to be a part of the Physis group:-

Please let me know that you’re interested in becoming a member of the daytime or evening Chichester Physis Group – and we can then arrange to meet informally to see if this group will be a good fit for you. 

E-mail me at –

Or arrange a Free Call with me from –

To find out more about me and my work here is a link to the home page of this website


Maxine HarleyAbout me – I am a psychologist, therapeutic mentor and coach, I have a Masters Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy.

As well as my international therapy, coaching and mentoring work, I also write for several online publications and for the last three years I’ve been a regular expert contributor for Psychologies Magazine.

I have evolved over the last 25 years of private practice to become a more well-rounded therapeutic self-development mentor.

I have a special interest in how our childhood – and our inner child – still directs our home and working lives in adulthood, and how we can mess things up for ourselves even though we don’t intend to.

Your inner child is the little girl who still lives inside you. She has been emotionally wounded by life and might still struggle to feel worthy of love and real happiness. She hides her pain by wearing masks and distracting herself with busyness, or by taking care of others instead of herself.

She needs to be seen, heard, valued and to feel safe to show her real self – knowing it will be OK because she’ll be welcomed and accepted, warts and all.

She deserves to grow beyond the limits previously set for her – and to become more empowered than she ever believed possible or dared to imagine!

This is why I have created Physis for her…and for you!


PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ONE OF THE SIX PLACES IN THE PHYSIS GROUP – and we can discuss times and dates that suit you best.

My e-mail address is

Or you can go ahead now and book in a free call with me at