SKYPE & ZOOM SESSIONS – Terms and Conditions

Thank you for arranging a Skype or Zoom call with me.

I want to ensure you are aware that by making a booking you are also confirming your agreement with the following:-


UNLESS YOU ARE ARRANGING A FREE 15 MINUTE CLARITY CALL WITH ME – any paid-for Skype or Zoom call bookings are only fully confirmed upon payment in advance for the amount due – either by Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer/BACS (details for BACS payment will be given to you by e-mail after our initial free call)


If you are unable to keep our appointment then you will forfeit your fee – unless you give me 24 hours prior notice by e-mail to We can then re-schedule our appointment and transfer the payment to the new session.


We will keep to the time allocated and agreed. If you would like to spend more time speaking with me, then you are welcome to book and pay for extra time as you wish. Payment must be made and cleared before any further sessions can go ahead.


Our call will be terminated if there is any abusive or offensive language from you. No refund will be due and no further calls will be arranged with you.


Sessions do not come with a guarantee of any immediate major life changes. It may well be that one session is all you need or want, or you can have further sessions as agreed between us.


Calls must not be recorded in any circumstances – to protect personal and professional boundaries.


In the event of any unforeseen internet connection problems which interfere with our call – we can either move across to a telephone conversation if you are based in the UK, or rearrange the remainder of our call for another mutually agreed time.


I’m really looking forward to helping you to get to where you want to be.

Maxine Harley (MSc IntegrativePsychotherapy)


Therapeutic self-development mentoring for women