Therapeutic self-development mentoring and coaching consultations


In-person Therapeutic Mentoring & Self-development Coaching 


This option is ideal if you’re feeling stuck, emotionally overwhelmed or confused with what’s happening in your personal life, work or business.

We will have time to explore what’s going on, and to find workable solutions for you.

We can arrange to meet either for one or two hours in central Chichester – or I can visit you at your *home or office.

* Home/office visits are for a minimum of two hours and there should be  privacy during our session.

* My visit to you will save you the time, expense and inconvenience of having to travel to meet with me in central Chichester.


My fees are dependant upon travelling time and distance 

£100 for a one hour sessionin central Chichester

£250 for a two-hour session – travelling up to 10 miles from central Chichester to visit you

£300 for a two-hour session – travelling from 11-15 miles to visit you

£500 for a two-hour sessionVIP clients  travelling to visit you up to 20 miles or in central London  


Our sessions can be a one-off or be extended to cover –

(i)  Ongoing therapeutic mentoring structured to meet your individual needs  

(ii) My S.E.L.E.C.T. Your Life  therapeutic self-development coaching programme

(iii) My MINDING YOUR BUSINESS mentoring for female business owners

(iv) My MINDING THE GAP executive level self-development coaching and mentoring

(v)  My  MIND MASTERY  VIP bespoke therapeutic mentoring and self-development coaching service 


Please either e-mail me at


Let’s have a no-obligation chat and find out how I can best help you


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