Maxine Harley Mind Healer & Mentor

Maxine Harley
MSc Psychotherapy

Bespoke Therapeutic Self-development Mentoring & Coaching

for affluent entrepreneurs, high income/net worth VIPs, CEOs, MDs, Media Celebrities, Sports Personalities and other high profile clients


I offer you more focus than therapy or counselling – and much more depth than coaching…


I’m the shrink who expands your mind! 



you want the very best in therapeutic self-development mentoring and coaching – either for your personal or professional needs


Everyone benefits from the right quality therapeutic help to understand and manage their emotional and psychological well-being, their boundaries and their behaviours.

All the more so if you are an entrepreneur, CEO, MD, media or sports celebrity, or other VIP with a high public profile, net-worth and income – because you’ve got so much riding on you having a calm and stable state of mind and enhanced emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

This is particularly so if you’ve had a troubled background, and you know deep down that this can still trip you up at times… affecting all areas of your life including your relationships, career or business. 

It can be very hard to find anyone sufficiently qualified, experienced, skillful, confident, genuinely empathic, respectfully discreet and emotionally robust enough to help you in a deeper, holistic and long-lasting, life-changing way.


Look no further!


Maybe you’d like just a ‘one-off’ session to get some ‘head space’.

You might also see the benefit of having ongoing sessions for support, mentoring and guidance – as many other top level celebrities, sports personalities, C.E.O.s, millionaire entrepreneurs, and high-level business coaches do, even Tony Robbins himself!




Without mastery of your mind your performance, family life, income, wealth and assets can suffer… there’s no need for that to happen.


YOU are your biggest asset.


 So it makes sense to take the best care of yourself, and to be in peak psychological and emotional health.

You can then live at your best – and not let yourself or anyone else down, or become overwhelmed, stressed and unwell.

(Stress, in its many forms is THE biggest cause of illness and disease).


I offer you the mental space to offload and explore meanings, and to guide you towards clarity, focus, and peace of mind  – which will create better outcomes in all areas of your life.


We can work together…

1. IN PERSON for a two-hour session.  I will visit you at your home or office, if you are located within 20 miles of Chichester, or in central London



Please e-mail me now for my private ‘phone number, and we can arrange a complementary informal (and completely confidential) chat to see how best I can help you to be at your best…at work…at home… and at play!


 My fee for this bespoke level of VIP therapeutic mentoring, guidance, self-development coaching is £250 per hour.

A two-hour in-person meeting is £500 – which includes my travelling time and expenses to visit you at your home or office within 20 miles of Chichester, West Sussex, or in central London


My e-mail address is

So get that e-mail sent to me now – and let’s started!


“Amazing lady! I can’t put into words how much she’s helped me, go to her and you’ll leave stronger, happier and far more capable. She can literally turn your mental health around!!” (Kirsty P )