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Maxine Harley


If you are interested in PERSONAL THERAPEUTIC MENTORING you can find out more from the Home Page – and arrange to have a FREE CALL with me to discuss how best I might help you, either in person or by Skype sessions.

To find out more about my PROFESSIONAL MENTORING SERVICES please click on the three options on the drop-down box in the menu bar above, OR on the links below…

This will take you to the website page for each of my three professional mentoring services called:- 

MINDING YOUR BUSINESS – for women in business who want to stop getting in their own way of success. Small groups meeting online (Skype) or one-to-one by Skype or in person 

MINDING THE GAPExecutive level transformational coaching and mentoring for perceptual, cognitive, emotional and behavioural change     … and…

MIND MASTERYVIP level coaching and mentoring service